Plasticine WorkshopNow or never, mural paintingLive fast die young, site-specific installationLive fast die young, site-specific installation

Art Residency: Beyond Time Year: 2012Country: Poland (Bielsko-Biała, Pszczyna and Targowo)

We were part of Beyond Time Residence in 2012. During this residence we took part in several projects for Galeria Bielska BWA and Festivals around Poland.

  • 2012 – Plasticine Illustration Workshop. Bielsko BWA Galery. POLAND
  • 2012 – Now or never. (Mural painting). Bielsko-Biała. POLAND
  • 2012 – Natural City. (Mural painting). Targowo. POLAND
  • 2012 – Keep your mind rich. (Car painting) Freestyle. City Szczytno Festival. POLAND
  • 2012 – Logical Art Does Not Exist. (Mural painting). Pszczyna Ceramics Festival. POLAND
  • 2012 – Live fast, die young. Site-specific-installation. Bielsko-Biała.

Our site-specific-installation “Live fast, die young” was developed during the artists residency “Beyond Time” in Poland. We searched for the traditional cultures in the city and we mixed it with the urban cultures of nowadays. With this installation we wanted to make a reaction in people in order to see if they could recognize their culture and how big was the impact. The final result was a really funny experience with people taking pictures with these cartoons and laughing while walking around them. One of the cartoon is one girl with the sentence in polish “Live fast, die young”. Again, a strange relation: the girl and the meaning of the sentence.

All of them are wearing old school costumes from Poland, but at the same time they are posing like if they were “cool people”. One of them is holding a skateboard and an old woman has a big old cassette.

They are reminding young people how “cool” they are showing their folklore and how proud they are of this fact, just like the youth is nowadays with their different styles.

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